Friday, November 16

hoe duurzaamheid mijn leven mooier maakt

Boven de huizen van schuintegenover schittert een gouden restje dag. Ik voel de lichte strepen langs mijn wangen strijken als ik turend op mijn ellebogen leun. Nog net niet met mijn neus tegen het glas, haast wanhopig verlangend naar een paar seconden meer. Nu zal ze haar aantocht maken, de wereld in donkere sluiers draperen. Wacht ik angstvallig op het aanbreken van de nacht. Vandaag geen flonkerende edelstenen, speldenpriksterren, slechts stipjes in het uitgestrekte Pruisisch blauw. Vandaag geen maansikkel, geen crescent moon of zilveren schijn, geen zijdezachte nevels. Slechts het luiden van de klokken, ieder uur wat onheilspellender, donkerder. Met het langer worden van de schaduwen groeien twijfels, iedere centimeter die de gouden herfst zinkt.

Met het duister en mijn twijfels kruip ik onder de dekens. Hoop ik mijn manisch malende gedachtenstromen in te dekken, in te stoppen, stil te zetten. Dat werkt niet, natuurlijk. Dat had ik op zich ook al geanticipeerd. Tegen beter weten in tast ik onder mijn kussen naar mijn telefoon, mijn hersenen vloeken en zuchten als het licht van mijn scherm me in mijn gezicht slaat. Met samengeknepen ogen aanschouw ik hoe mijn vingers probleemloos Netflix weten te vinden. Ik sluit een compromis met mezelf – vandaag is Netflix oké, maar het wordt een docu. Iets leerzaams. Iets nuttigs. Before the Flood. Die heb ik al eindeloos lang niet gezien. Sluit ook mooi aan bij mijn duistere, grimmige en hopeloze stemming. Filosoferen over hoe we de wereld kapot maken past goed. Perfect.

Thursday, October 4

4 x sustainable things i love

A vague moon hung low over the horizon when I got home last Sunday. It was a chilly evening and thin clouds cried their tears. Darkness fell over the world and I saw windows light up. The street lamps popped on, one by one. A leaf bounced against my ankle boot, pushed by a gentle breeze. An autumn evening like many others- one would think. I felt different though. It had been an inspiring, overwhelming and exhausting day. 

I had been invited to ACT. Festival- a festival centered around all things sustainable and thus a day filled with heaps of interesting, innovative speakers and activities. Lots to see and do and learn. I felt warm inside. Determined to cling onto the motivation and burning need to make a change. To do more. To learn more. To collect my thoughts and all the new information that had just flushed over me and to bundle all of it into something great. Something to extend this wonderful day into something attainable and accessible for everyone. 

I haven’t quite figured out yet how I am going to do that, but I’d love to start off by sharing a bunch of my favourite sustainable things at the moment. Stuff I was introduced to during the festival as well as things I have used and loved for ages. It is my biggest wish to be able to use this platform I have in a way that benefits the planet and our world and all the humans on it as much as it does me. 

Thursday, September 13

4 essentials for a sublime morning

Mornings are great.  Even I, the girl who never sleeps, adore mornings. Early ones, endless ones after sleepless nights, cozy ones after long sleep-ins, dark, chilly ones in winter and hazy humid ones in spring. I love all of ‘em. I tend to lay awake at night and every once in a while I decide to get up at six in the morning to watch the sun rise. To stroll around my quiet city. To breathe the misty morning air. I’ll bake something nice for breakfast or head to the coffee shop around the corner for a croissant and coffee and jam. There’s something about these mornings that I can’t quite put to words. It’s a warm type of feeling, comforting, still. I love listening to some jazz and just dance around the living room- immersed in the soft tunes of love songs. I love the way the world turns orange in summer- and also how it stays greyish blue in winter. I love when the world sleeps and I can finally inhale. Exhale. Breathe. 

Now - don’t get me wrong. Most of the time I despise my alarm clock and I’ve spent my fair share of mornings in bed, grumpy, waiting for the early hours to pass, but as a reminder for myself and you I thought I’d share all the things I love about mornings. The nice ones. The mindful ones. The warm, cozy ones. Perhaps you’ll hate your alarm clock just a little less tomorrow morning. Even if it’s just a tiny bit. 

Saturday, September 1

travel & yoga • here's how and why

Hello dear humans. For today's blogpost I've teamed up with Lisanne - owner and founder of - an amazing webshop and online platform centred around all things yoga. We're going to be doing a little series of yoga related blogposts of which this is the first one. Lisanne wrote a little piece about yoga and travel and how to find balance on the road. I translated and edited the piece ever so slightly for my international readers to not feel left out. 

Yoga has saved my ass in so many ways - I hope we'll be able to inspire some of you to look into it as well!

Voor sommigen van ons bestaat er niets beters dan op reis zijn. De spanning om nieuwe dingen te ontdekken, de rust en vooral helemaal niets moeten! Daar past yoga perfect bij waardoor je je nóg meer ontspannen voelt tijdens het reizen, want de (in)spanningen en drukke reisschema’s kunnen ook zorgen voor de nodige vermoeidheid en zelfs stiekem een beetje stress. Geef yoga daarom een plekje in jouw koffer en geniet van alle voordelen die je erdoor mag ervaren.

For some of us, there’s nothing better than exploring the world. The excitement of discovering new things and places, the tranquility and that feeling of being free, having no obligations or deadlines - it’s simply addictive. The practice of yoga fits that dreamy image perfectly- it’ll help you relax and wind down (because, let’s be honest, the crazy schedules and lugging around your backpack can be exhausting and even slightly stressful). My suggestion: bring your yoga practice (and possibly your mat) along with you on your journey and enjoy all the wonders and pleasures it’ll bring. You won’t regret it!

Monday, July 16

10 ways to reduce your plastic waste

Just a few months ago I found myself signing up for a diving course on a pretty little island in Indonesia - a super impulsive decision and absolutely not something I had set out to do before I left for South East Asia. In hindsight, about 90 percent of my favourite memories and most exciting adventures started out exactly like that: they were impulsive decisions made in under 0.3 seconds. 

I love how those types of things work. You decide something in under a second and never forget that singular moment for the rest of your life. Kind of like the way you decide to say 'yes please I would love a plastic bag', then throw it out after without a single moment of hesitation and then that same plastic bag will pollute the earth and the oceans for much much longer than you will ever live. Yep - much much much longer.