Wednesday, May 21


Holy........... (I'M NOT SWEARING, I SWEAR) My last few articles have been consisting lots and lots of pictures. I'm not sure if that's a good thing... But oh well, things are the way they are (I keep saying these kinds of things eventhough I'm kind of annoyed by myself when I do it...). So yeah, uhm, making a video on this should probably have been way easier and probably better too, but I felt like shooting some photo's (surprise, surprise) so here's an enormous article with way too many pictures, because I've been buying a lot lately. Which isn't me at all. Unusual. Yet surprisingly nice. I quite like it (I guess) (:


Last week I told y'all I was selling my clothes at this thing called the IJhallen. That was quite fun actually. And since I wasn't on my own I had quite some spare time to walk around and buy some things instead of selling them. There were people selling all kinds of stuff for extremely low prices. For example: cheap monday jeans (new: about €50.-) for five euros.

So yeah, I bought the pale pink cardigan for €4.- (I wore this a few days ago for an outfitshoot - you can find the article here). BARGAIN. I also found this amazing canon camera which I immediately fell in love with. Five euros. The dress with the blue fish on it was for free and the denim blouse and the striped t-shirt were both €0.50. I also bought this dark grey blouse, which I think is super cute, for €3.- That's what I call budgetshopping!

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate H&M for making and selling lovely swimsuits like this for only €10.-? This was love at first sight. And it's only spring, but I'm already summerproof. Say whuuuut? ME? PREPARED?! Well that's kinda new.....

Some of you might remember this article from a few weeks ago in which I listed my top 7 wishlist items. I thought it was going to take me at least three months to buy like half of the items I wanted to have. But I guess I have proven myself wrong. Like I said before: I've been acting unusual lately. Buying expensive shoes and stuff like that. Nothing like me at all. Nah. But at least I can say I'm a proud owner of a worldmap, a pair of wishbone earrings, a finding nemo sweater and a listography book now. Hell yeah.

Urban Outfitters Listography | Urban Outfitters Wishbone Earrings | Urban Outfitters Worldmap | Forever21 Nemo Sweater

Since I'm eating gluten and lactose free I can't just make myself a sandwich to bring with me for school anymore. Salads and banana pancakes (etc.) are a great replacement, but a lunchbox like this one was quite nesscessairy to actually bring those things with me. So I bought one.

Urban Outfitters (surprise!) Lunchbox

This is my favourite perfume ever. I don't even know why, but I just love it. Unlike spending lots of money, which is not me at all, this scent just screams Laura. And that's exactly what I look for in a perfume.

Tommy Hilfiger Hilfiger Woman Pear Blossom

Uuuuuumm, yeah....... Three pairs of shoes.... IT JUST HAPPENED. I bought the nude brogues about a month ago, but then all my other shoes died. So I kind of needed new shoes. And when I was selling my clothes at the IJhallen I got the platform shoes for free. And then my spontaneous clarks purchase happened..... (read more about this here). 

Clarks Desert Boots | H&M Brogues | Vintage Platforms

I guess that was everything (well not everything, I bought some underwear too, but I don't really find it appropriate to share my underwear with the internet aka the rest of the world). It's way too much, I know. But that's okay. For once. (note to self: FOR ONCE!!!).

I hope you enjoyed my little written haul thingy. Aaaand I will see y'all on friday!

Oh, and just because I like hearing all your lovely opinions: which item do you like most?

Lots of love,



  1. Ahh, dat ene blouseje is zo leuk! En het spijkerjasje <3

  2. Wat een super leuke spulletjes allemaal, love it! Vooral de clarks en dat blauwe blousje! :)

    1. Hihi, dankjewel! Ik ben er ook superblij mee allemaal! X

  3. Wat een super leuke spulletjes, en dat allemaal voor zo goedkoop! Vooral wat je vertelt over cheap moday jeans! Ik vind die broeken altijd zo leuk, maar ze zijn zo duur! Hele leuke aankoopjes!

    1. Ja, ikr! Het is echt niet te geloven hoe weinig alles kostte; super chill! Over cheap monday: SAME. Véél te duur voor mij. Liever drie broeken van wat minder geweldige kwaliteit dan zo'n súperdure broek... Zeker nu ik nog een beetje groei enzo...

      Thanks, en liefs!

  4. Tijdens het naar-beneden-scrollen werd ik steeds hebberiger.... bijna jammer dat je het (bijna) allemaal tweedehands hebt gekocht, ik had het graaaaag ook allemaal willen hebben haha.
    IJhallen zijn zo fijn he ! Wil binnenkort ook weer eens gaan :)
    Liefs xx

    1. (Misschien zijn een aantal dingen nog wel gewoon verkrijgbaar..?) Het is inderdaad een beetje jammer dat ik niet precies kan vertellen waar alle items vandaan komen, maar aan de andere kant juist ook weer het leuke aan het kopen van tweedehands kleding; je komt de meest onbekende (en soms ook hele oude) merken tegen en daardoor is de kleding die je koopt vaak heel origineel en niet h&m-iedereen-loopt-in-hetzelfde-truitje-achtig.

      Ik ga denk ik ook snel weer, ik was er laatst voor het eerst, maar ik ben wel meteen helemaal om. Het is zo relaxed daar!


    2. Oke uhm haha super onhandige en onzekere laura komt hier even naarboven omdat ik mn reactie teruglas en ik echt heel erg het idee had dat het super bitchy klinkt allemaal terwijl dat echt totaaaaal niet de bedoeling was. Misschien ligt het aan mij hoor, haha, maar uhm ja. Ik wilde het toch nog even erbij vermelden. Uhm ja. Oke. X

  5. Waaauw je hebt echt supermooie dingen gekocht! Ik vind eigenlijk alles mooi hihi!

  6. You got some right bargains here! I really love the Nemo sweater haha x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. Ikr! Oh and the sweater is so cute, and EXTREMELY comfi. The inside is made from this really soft and silky material and once you've worn the sweater once you don't ever want to take it off, haha (: X

  7. Je hebt echt een hele mooi stijl. Love it! :)

    Ps: momenteel is er een winactie op mijn site. Doe je ook mee? <:o)

    1. Ah wat superlief van je, thanks!

      Ik ga zeker even kijken,