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an organic, vegan skincare guide for dummies

Of all topics in this big, wide, wonderful world, I’d never have thought I’d dedicate an entire blogpost to skincare. To creams and oils and other stuff in tubes and vials. The only vials that interested me when I was younger were the ones I filled with home-brewed witch-potions – and to be quite frank, not much has changed. Though I swapped out the cinnamon and nettle-leaf concoctions for superseed-oils, I still feel a little witchy when I let three drops of shiny, fragrant oil fall in the palms of my hands and rub them together until they’re warm and glowing a bit. 

Anyway – though my witchy years may not be over yet, there did come an end to the times of effortless flawless skin. Some call it puberty, I prefer hell (also to stick with the dark arts and hedonic practices and stuff). Unfortunately for me, I only really started learning (and frankly, caring) about skincare once my hormones had somewhat calmed down again (though I feel like they will probably never really calm down- I have a turbulent brain, I am a living hurricane of emotions and my hormones are just as out of control as the rest of me ~ is this TMI? Probably ~).

The whole fascination with skincare went somewhat hand in hand with going vegan, looking into a more sustainable, mindful lifestyle (and let’s be honest, I went to a bunch of parties and learned that my skin does not like alcohol – whereas I do, I love beer).

So, here we are, another few years later and I finally have some kind of skincare “routine” that I ACTUALLY stick to (an actual miracle) and that is so effective that I feel confident and comfortable enough sharing it with the world (or the handful of people that read this). 

Now – don’t expect heaps of fancy schmancy product – I am still a poor human struggling to pay for almond milk and apples. This routine, or guide if you will, is kind of budget proof, I guess. Besides the financial factor, I also really believe that when it comes to your skin, less really IS more. Our bodies have been designed to take care of themselves and they generally do a really great job at it. However, we live in a world with a bunch of new, external factors that affect our skin to take into consideration – such as polluted air and processed foods and other stuff that hasn’t been taken into account during the designing process of our beautiful bone-bags. 

So – my point is: we may need to help out bodies out a bit here and there, to compensate for the changes we made to our external environment. 

The first and most primal things to do for your skin (and body in general) are very obvious and self-explanatory, but I’ll still spell them out for you. For the sake of it:

Drink more water. 

Or you might die. (Mick Jenkins listeners? Anyone?)

We all know the importance of staying hydrated. But really. Drink your water. Also: coffee and sodas don’t count, obviously. Duh. 

Eat your fruit + veg. 

Right. Vitamins. Minerals. Clean, lovely, flavourful, colourful, wonderful foods. Sugar and processed foods, chemicals, additives, alcohol – they’re all kind of shit for you. Lovely, delicious and great when consumed in moderation, but generally shit. 


Yeah boiiii – go sweat your ass of. You may not want to hear it, but moving your body is REALLY good for you and sweating those toxins out will also do wonders for your skin. I love dancing in my pajamas, yoga in my pajamas, youtube workouts in my pajamas and I also go to the gym three times a week, but only because my physiotherapist tells me to. Getting out of your pajamas or even wearing any clothes at all isn’t necessary to get your daily exercise in. Make it fun. Enjoy yourself a little. Go get that endorphin high!

Alright, then my more specifically skincare related routine and a list of the products I love (all vegan, organic and carefully, mindfully packaged and stuff):


I’ve tried a bunch of different exfoliators, but I’ve found that my skin doesn’t like the aggressive cleansing stuff so I exfoliate with warm water, usually when I’m in the shower. I let the warm water soften my skin a little and then gently massage and rub my face with little circular movements until all the dead skincells and filth come off. Make sure to be super gentle and careful: you don’t want it to hurt or to damage your skin. Be kind. The massaging of the skin is also great for bloodflow and circulation and will probably help with puffiness. 

~ Magical ~ oils

I used to be a bit hesitant about using oils on my face because I have mixed skin and didn’t want to end up with clogged pores, a shiny forehead and breakouts. Ever since I started using Mádara’s superseed oil, however, I have been converted. And I will never look back. I apply three drops of the oil right after I come out of the shower without giving my skin any possibility of drying out. Using some kind of hydrating cream or oil after exfoliating is SUPER essential, otherwise you’ll end up with dry skin that feels tight and might start to peel.
I let the oil sink into my skin and after that I’m basically done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 


If I wear makeup I always make sure to take it off and cleanse my face with my Cîme cleanser and micellar lotion. I use washable cloths or a towel to reduce waste. You can order some here

That’s about it. Let me know if you guys are interested in more skincare stuff. I’ve gained some knowledge on the topic and am much more excited to write about it and share my experiences than I ever thought I’d be. I’ll keep it low-key though, I’m still a dummy when it comes to makeup and we all know I don’t take myself too seriously, but I love my morning and evening moments of oil-rubbing and vanilla essence. All of it. It’s nice. 

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